“Let the children be their own composers”

– Carl Orff

What We Do

  • Practice every Tuesday or Wednesday from 6:00 to 7:30 at:
    Grace Presbyterian Church
    1705 Gattis School Rd., Round Rock, TX

  • You can choose whether you come on Tuesday or Wednesday.
  • Two major performances per semester. The week before a performance, the Tuesday and Wednesday groups practice together on both days.

  • Other minor performances as called for

What is “Orff?”

Orff is an approach to learning music that involves singing,
speech, instruments, and movement in a creative,
natural, music experience. This revolutionary approach
(“Orff-Schulwerk”) was developed in Germany by the
composer Carl Orff and other collaborators in the mid-
20th century and has spread worldwide since that time.

Who and What We Are

Round Rock Orff Ensemble is for 4th, 5th, and 6th
graders who are interested in playing and singing together
and will commit to weekly practices and several
public performances. There is something for everyone,
and everyone’s role is unique, important, and
varies with each musical selection.
We are basically…

A choir that accompanies itself

Rather than have an pianist or a recording to support
the children’s voices, in Orff Ensemble, the kids do it
all. We sing, speak, dance, and play specially designed
instruments in a community music-making experience.
In a children’s choir, everyone usually sings
the same part, or at most two or three-part harmony,
but a song in Orff Ensemble may have 6 or more
different instrument parts, vocal parts, movement, and
improvisations that change with each performance!
Sometimes our selections are purely instrumental,
sometimes just singing; it’s all about the variety.
That’s also why our material represents a multitude of
languages and folk cultures.


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Our Director

“Teach all of the children, and all of the child”

Our Director

Dr. Neal Tipton taught music in Texas public elementary
schools for 35 years. He holds Level III Orff Certification from Memphis State. His Orff Ensembles have performed in a variety of venues in and out of Texas. Dr. Tipton founded the Round Rock Orff Ensemble in 2010 in connection with Round Rock ISD, and now runs it as a private non-profit corporation.